Girls rule. So do honeybees, which are about 95% female. 
Hey Everyone, We will bee at the apiary this saturday, hope to see you the
Hi Everyone,
Come out tomorrow once again for our saturday open house, 1-5.
We will be taking advantage of the great weather to extract and jar some honey.
Meet the MAA Beekeepers, meet the MAA bees!
No prior experience required.

Sorry no poster this week, we have been busy.


July 25th, 2013


Hey Everyone,

We will be at the Apiary this Saturday from 1-5, hope to see you there!
Hey Everyone,

Hope to seeya this Saturday! 
Hey Everyone,

Here is this week's poster. Hope to see you on Saturday!
Hey Everyone, Great news!

We will be opening the apiary on Saturdays for the rest of the summer for anyone who wants to come! This summer we have only been working at the apiary during the week, which doesn't give an opportunity for everyone to come to the MAA that wants to. So, from now on, we'll be opening our doors from 1:00-5:00 every saturday to for anyone to learn, volunteer, and have fun. Some of the 'have fun' ideas for future Saturdays include potluck style bbqs @5, painting a mural on the barn doors, extracting honey, having a costume party while beekeeping (personal favorite).

Hope to see you on Saturday,

Our workshop Backyard Beekeeping Essentials which we were planning on holding this weekend has been cancelled due to the forecasted rain!

The workshop will be rescheduled for saturday June 8.

This also means that there is still time to register! Registration is possible online here: and check our Courses tab for more information about the workshop here:
Below please find directions to the Centennial Center and the apiary for the Sunday May 26 Beekeeping 101 course.  The red "X" marks the proposed parking area, the green "X" the apiary, the green arrow --> marks the apiary gate, and the red line shows the way to the Centennial Center.